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Who Uses Our Offroad Hybrids?

Offroad Hybrids supplies top quality caravans at direct prices to a number of different people.

The people who use our offroad hybrid caravans for  memorable outdoor camping and caravan adventures include:

Families who love the Aussie outdoors

Aussie adventure families appreciate many things about owning one of our hybrid caravans. Some value the cost savings and quality features of our hybrid campers. Others value that our models are designed specifically for families, so they are the perfect combination of practicality, comfort and safety for families who love camping and caravanning.

Another reason some families choose our caravans is that they are built for offroad adventures. So being able to go off the beaten track and camp at remote destinations that they can’t normally access if they had a traditional caravan is a big benefit for them.

And other families choose our hybrid caravans because they are narrower. This makes them easier and lighter to tow and maneuver, so they not only save money on the purchase price but on their fuel costs as well.

Retirees seeking the holidays of their lifetime

Dreaming of the open road with a hybrid caravan in tow heading for the adventures of your retirement lifetime? Many are, which is why our offroad hybrid caravans are proving really popular with retirees and baby boomers seeking the holidays of their lifetime.

Some retirees like that our caravans are easy to set up, pull down and tow. Others prefer the modern designs and inclusions that come as standard, and others love being able to buy their hybrid caravan direct so they get to keep more of their cash!

Whatever your need or purpose, Offroad Hybrid has the caravan for you to bring your retirement caravan and camping experiences to life.

Professional Couples

You may be surprised to know that quite a few young professionals also use Offroad Hybrid Caravans. Many love taking off after a hard week’s work for a weekend of adventure, camping and caravanning on their own terms.

Others love the wholesale prices and standard inclusions, such as our roll out electric awning with awning walls and poles, and our customized extras such as air conditioning.

Our wholesale offroad caravans really are the best thing to happen to caravanning and camping out. They’ve been designed and built utilising our 30 years of offroad hybrid and caravanning experiences with and without children and are sure to provide you with years of hassle free caravanning adventures.
For fun outdoor adventures that combine roughing it with some of the creature comforts of home, discover more about Offroad Hybrids caravans and campers today.

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